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Daniel Hovarter & Neighbors Creating a Fire Block to Save Homes

The Caldor Fire was a tragic event for many people who were forced to leave their home, but Daniel Hovarter and other neighbors in the area were able to gather some tools to create a fire block. This helped to prevent the fire from spreading even more throughout the area possibly saving around 200 homes.

Massive Tree Fall

It's very important to keep your tree health up-to-date otherwise you take the risk of having something dangerous like this happening to your family, home, or neighbors. Luckily, no one was hurt during this incident and our crew was able to clear this tree out of the way safely.

Large Tree Removal

Safety is our top priority for our customers! Home owners will save a lot more if they keep up with the health of their trees, which can prevent major problems like this.

Tragic Story of Why We Need to Take Preventative Action for Our Trees

This is why we like to inform our customers of which trees to replace to prevent such a tragic event like this one. We provide you with a detailed arborist report to make sure you're keeping up with your tree's health. Our certified arborists make sure the job is done safely & efficiently.